Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Day 3 Geek Out - I get by with a little help from my wife

The day began as many do, with a walk to work tho this time it was a bit brisk. A small irregular flock of geese flew overhead going in the wrong direction, south. Autumn is here, winter is just around the next corner.

Later while at work I received a text. "Giant library sale tonight until 8... Could be geeky." It was from my wife. She offered to take if, later, she could get $4 worth of plants. How could I say no?

The main Madison Public Library downtown is going to go thru a major renovation. To make a little room before they move to temp quarters they are selling off a ton of books, vhs tapes, and books on tape. And at prices that make a geeky little book hoarder like myself jump in childish joy.

Laurie was very patient as I walked along the tables looking thru what was on display. This one looked good, this one looked interesting, that one is a maybe so I'll hide it over here.

When it was done I had 8 hardcover books (three were for Nolan our grandson, the rest were sci fi or related) and 7 unabridged books on cassette (all sci fi or horror except for one about the building of the Chrysler Building in NYC), and all for the remarkable price of $7.50.

Now if I only had the time to read/listen to them all. Maybe while Laurie is planting her new flowers.

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