Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Rivalry:A Repost and an Update

This picture is from an article in the Wisconsin State Journal that ran last Jan 23 before the NFC Championship game in which the Bears hosted the Packers. The article "A house divided: Rivalry hits home when the Packers play the Bears" is still available online and tells of the difficulty I and fans in other mixed families must live through on a daily basis during the football season.

Just kidding usually they are pretty good about it until gameday, which is today.

At the time the photo Melinda was pregnant with Nolan, just days before he was born. He's now over 7 months old, and the poor kid doesn't stand a chance. They are already dressing him up in silly outfits for weird and disgusting photo ops.

But I can wait. When he gets a little bit older, then he will be mine. I will teach him about Chicago and the glory that are the Bears. I will tell him about Sayers, Butkis, Singletary, Sweetness, Urlacher, and, of course, the Coach, Ditka.

And when he understands those basics I will then play my secret strategy, showing him how much fun it is to cheer for a team against Mom and Grandma and even Uncle Shaun.

Subconsciously I believe Melinda wants to show Nolan both sides of the issue. I found this picture that says it all. I call it "Dressing him in the true colors".

Good luck, Green Bay. You'll need it.


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