Monday, September 19, 2011

Ahoy, Mateys. Today Be The DAY!

Today be a day like no other. Today be a day when the inner scallywag in us all can have his/her say. Butu today of all days you have to say it right. For today be TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY!

Sept 19 of every year is TLAPD, one of me favorite holidays, one I wish I could dress up and make someone walk the bloomin' plank. But no. Today is a work day for this wage slave. Me pirating days filled with saucy wenches and tankards of rum and gold doubloons and sailing the Seven Seas will have to wait, maybe next year. Arrr

So in the mean times let me leave you with a few special links.

First, the one, the only OFFICIAL Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Then we have a nice little activity sheet to print out and share. And it's from Disney and Capt Jack Sparrow.

Next we have BBC America's Anglo Fan Tournament Women of 2011. So it's stretching the pirate theme but
it's the quarterfinals and we have 3 ladies from Doctor Who still in the race. I won't tell you who to vote for but here are my choices. You make your own.

JK Rowling vs Kathryn Tate - JKR doesn't need this, she has Harry and millions of dollars and, by the way, what has she done lately. Pottermore? Really? Tate is a seasoned comedian, wonderful!

Emma Watson vs Alex Kingston - Another Potterite versus another talented Doctor Who actress. If you vote for anyone here on TALPD vote for this saucy actress. Alex's performance is as close to the true spirit of the pirate as you'll get. (And her birthday is the same as mine.) 

Helena Bonham Carter vs Karen Gillan
Mrs Tim Burton versus another Doctor Who actress and this one even was a pirate in this year's episode "The Curse of the Black Spot". Pirates are cool.

Emma Thompson vs. Maggie Smith - Finally, no Potters or Whos. I only need to say two words "Emma Thompson"! And Emma was in "Pirate Radio". (How's that for a loose connection?)

Go here to vote:

Finally one little non-pirate link. BUT it's zombies! Hooray!
  • Archaeologists in Ireland have unearthed two 8th-century skeletons buried with stones stuck into their mouths.
  • They believe this could have been a way to ensure the dead did not rise up like zombies.
  • Bodies identified as revenants or the "walking dead" tended to be people who had lived as outsiders.

So that's it. Go forth, me hearties, and spread a little pirate cheer. And don't forget
when you do!

Michael Bolton says, "This is the story of Capt Jack Sparrow...."

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