Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Update on the Effort to Save Vintage Scifi

A few days ago I told you about a kickstarter venture by the good people at Singularity & Co and the work they are doing to save out of print classic science fiction. We're talking bug eyed aliens, transplanted brains, and cities of fish people beneath the sea. Amazing stuff, the stuff that I grew up on, the stuff that formed my imagination. (Oops, did I go too far with that last one?)

There was obviously a visible void in the published stratosphere because the response to their program has been so overwhelming that they've more than doubled their goal. But they aren't done yet. Here I'll let them tell you in an email I just received.
Hey there Singularity Supporters.  With just under 5 days to go in our Kickstarter campaign, over 900 supporters and nearly 240% of our funding goal in our futuristic hyper-piggybank, you may think that we here at Singularity&Co are content to glide towards the goal like a player from the robotic leagues on the maglev track between third and home.  But we're not done yet!
We've spent the past few days cataloging many, many spectacular books, most of which were new to us if in fact quite old in reality, as well as crunching the numbers using some very advanced hyper dimensional math. We've also scanned, converted, cleaned up more than one "test" books, and done most of the legwork on clearing two titles for publication (so far).  Based on that, we've got an offer that not even an android could refuse:

If you all help spread the word, and get us to $45k, we're willing to step it up on our end, and commit to clearing and releasing an additional 6 books in the next 12 months (if not more).  

To be completely honest, we're already planning to step up the pace of releases, but if we have that much in the bank (not counting our unbelievably generous matching funds offer), we can very comfortably commit to rescuing more books, sooner. That means that our $10 supporters would be able to count on 18 books for their money, and our $25 supporters can count on 18 books in the first year. 
If you or anyone you know is on the fence about our campaign, please keep in mind that while you will be able to find our releases on all the major publishing platforms, as well as our website, supporting this Kickstarter is the only way to be sure that you will be able to receive all of our releases for a year ($10) or forever ($25) for virtually nothing. 

So spread the word, and help us reach our new and improved goal!

At only $25 I'm a backer and get access for life. Now that is out of this world!

Another update: I'm getting closer to the point where Google might actually send me a second check! And all from your clicks on the sponsor ads. Please find time to click on a sponsor. But if you see an ad for PDF READER or something similar, DON'T CLICK ON IT. My virus software thinks there may be a virus on that website and wouldn't let me open it. Jut to b safe, avoid it. Thanks again for reading me... both of you... 
ha, there are a few more than that.. a couple more at least...

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