Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Have Zombies? Need More?

We here at Bibo Madness are always up to serving your zombie needs because we know you can never have too much zombie. And do we have the website for you today. It's Zombie Movie Cinema. Free zombie movies online, anytime you want them!

 This website has lots of quality zombie movies, okay, just lots of zombie movies and I'm not sure about the quality. But what this website makes for in quality, it has in quantity. There are 32 zombie movies on just the first page. Everything from the defining classic of the genre, "Night of the Living Dead" to "Zombinladen - The Axis of the Evil Dead". These are the original Hunger Games.

I stopped and watched a little of "Zombie Prom" a post apocalyptic nuclear zombie musical starring everyone's favorite she-male Ru Paul. It was gloriously bad, and fortunately only 36 minutes long.

So if you need a fix that only a zombie movie can cure, check this site out. I like my popcorn brains with a little melted butter and salt. Eat you at the movies.

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