Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Economy Hits My Writing Career

update 111026: The editor of the anthology Attack of the 50Ft Book in which I was to have the story "Clean Up On Seventh Avenue" contacted me today along with the other authors in this book officially giving us the rights back to our stories. But the said if we were agreeable he would like to see if he could sell the anthology en masse to another publisher. I like the idea of a book of giant monster stories, I was excited to be a part of it. I agreed to the plan. 

I also suggested that he write to Gareth Edwards, the director of the movie Monsters and current director of the next Godzilla movie, and that he write to Guillermoro del Toro who is directing his own giant monster movie, Pacific Rim. Ask them for a blurb, comment, anything. Who knows what might happen.

I'll keep you posted. 

original post 111025:
  Another victim of the economy. The Twisted Library Press, a small but at one time growing publishing house, was scheduled to publish 3 of my short stories in 3 different anthologies. Yesterday they announced that all anthologies are on hold for at least six months except for nearing completion. Today they announced that all anthologies are now closed and that all stories are being returned to their authors, they can and should try to be sold elsewhere.


I can't be mad at them. The Twisted Library Press is a good group of people. They were doing their best to try and help as many unpublished and underpublished authors (I like to think of myself in the latter group) as they could. They just lost too much money doing it. Suspending the publication of the anthologies was not something they wanted to do, they tried not to do it, postponing many (my three were supposed to come this summer) but in the end were left with no choice. You could almost feel the tears in the emails and forum posts.

Am I disappointed? Hell, yes. But I'm not mad. It is, what it is.

They have a great forum at their website, too. Check it out, there's lots of interesting people writing, reading, and talking all things, horror, sci fi, fantasy, and just anything and everything. The people are encouraging of each other and feel sincere, not too mention equally weird (which is a very good thing too.)

The Twisted Library Press are still publishing novels, those sell much better than the anthologies did. I wish I had a horror novel ready, I'd go with them in an instant. I encourage to check them out.

Now I need to find new homes for some very good stories.

Back to the fun stuff soon.


The economy is tanking while our elected officials watch, saying "Yes, there's a problem, we know that but it's all their fault. Our hands are tied." Meanwhile Rome is burning.
I like to think I'd do better, all of us would do better, if the 99% actually did rule this country.

(If you have a minute could you just click on one of my advertisers today. I'm actually making more money on this than on my book sales. Soon I can buy lunch! Merci.)

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