Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Road

I've stumbled back onto the road of good intentions. But this time I was defeated by my newest toy. Anybody who knows me I am distracted very easily.

On the first of October my place of employment in cooperation with AT&T offered all employees a 22% discount. We have AT&T already but it had been a long time since we had checked on our plan to see if we were still getting a good deal, or paying to much for items we don't use.

Last Sunday Laurie and I went to the nearby AT&T store, mainly because we had seen the ad for the HTC smartphone at $29.95. Yes, the new discount allowed us to speak the secret word and consider buying a smartphone. But when looking over the vast display we were greeted with a surprise. Apple had announced the new iPhone 4s just days before, so to get rid of the older models they were offering the 3gs for free. Look no further, they had me at "free iPhone." We got two.

So I have a new toy and it does so much more than just make calls! But it needed some cool apps. (I remember when computer programs were once called programs. Now they are apps. I guess a smaller device needs a smaller word.) One of the first I downloaded was iAmADalek, a Doctor Who voice synthesizer.

Laurie then traveled to St Louis for a week of training leaving me to my own devices, and one was a new iPhone!

Add to that the Milwaukee Brewers for the first since 1982 were in the post season. That's a bandwagon I can jump on.

I spent most evenings on the couch checking out my phone and downloading some free apps with the baseball game on in the background.

This is the first time I have touched my laptop. It missed me. It is also getting back at me by downloading all sorts of updates, and running very slow. It must have been a busy week on the update front last week.

Tonight the Brewers are on opposite Da Bears. Who do I watch? Or do I jump back and forth driving Laurie crazy? Hmmmm.

Soon I'll be back to my old ways and I'll have some intense Halloween goodies and links for you. Stay tuned.

Oooh! I just got a message on my phone!

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