Friday, August 26, 2011

I Could Use Your Vote - AGAIN!

UPDATE: 8/30
Thanks to everyone that voted but in the end I didn't win. It was valiant try.  The winners can be found here.

Thru the combined effort of my talent and both of your votes my first entry in the NYC Midnight Micro Challenge successfully propelled me into the finals. Out of 800 people who entered my son Shaun and I both made that first cut of 100. [polite applause]

They gave us all a new word, "oxygen," and we were allowed three more chances to create a story using only 100 characters. Last night the final 25 were selected. Those selected move to the final voting round, the money round. [ka-ching!]

I made that cut. Unfortunately Shaun did not. He had one of those days yesterday that would best described in a short story of his own writing. [ahhhh]

I made that cut and need your vote once again. This time I really need your vote because I don't think the judges picked my strongest effort. But they did pick one that appealed to them the most. You have to play to the judges. [refined nods in agreement]

So here's the  link. You can vote for as many as you'd like. I hope one might be mine. [hint: it's near the bottom.]

In the forums for the contest there was some heated discussion that begging for votes wasn't dignified, that the written work should stand on it's own merit. Right. I don't see it as begging. I see it as advertising. It's no different than advertising for your book or ebook. None of you would have known about my ebook for middle grade readers "Dr Zombie Lives Next Door" now available at or if I hadn't told you about it or given you  the links to view it. And because of that effort all of you rushed right out to purchase it. [Oh wait, that was just my dental hygienist]

So now you can vote for me and it won't cost you a dime. Voting ends Tuesday morning. Here's that link again.

Please pass it on to your friends, relatives, neighbors, strangers you pass on the street, your doctor, your rabbi, your parole officer, your dance instructor.......... [and more.......]

Thanks for your support [why do I feel like I need a wine cooler after saying that? I know. I'm old.]

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