Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I could use your vote!

Last week I entered a micro writing challenge for NYC Midnight to write a story in 100 characters including punctuation and spaces. The 800 people who entered were divided into 20 groups. Each person could enter 3 stories each based on a given word for your group. My group was 11 and our word was "crowd".

Of those 2400 total entries the top 25 from each group, as chosen by the judges, are put into the voting round which began immediately. The voting runs thru tomorrow, Wednesday 8/17. The top 5 selections from each group move onto the money round ($100 and world fame) on Thursday.

Obviously the reason I'm writing this is I made it. While they didn't pick my favorite entry (The sun burns. Weeds crowd a shaded sky. The gate shuts behind him. This is no place for a gnome.) they did select another entry of mine. It is up and available for voting at

My son Shaun has also made it into the voting round but in a different group. His word was "waving".

If you have a little extra time, please take a minute or two and vote for your favorites. You can vote for as many in each group as you'd like. Hopefully one might be ours.


OH, and feel free to pass this on to all of your family, friends, neighbors, facebook friends, business associates, church groups, book clubs, sports teams, political affiliations, online dating sites, strangers you pass on the street while walking the dog, imaginary friends..

UPDATE 8.19.11:
Shaun and I both made it into the finals. We had a new word, "oxygen," and a new deadline, last night at 11 cst. We'll keep you posted if we make it to the voting round.

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