Monday, August 1, 2011

"Dr Zombie Lives Next Door" is on iTunes

Today "Dr Zombie Lives Next Door" went up on iTunes. This is exciting. Another venue has opened up for me. The ebook should be up on Barnes and Noble sometime this week.

Now all I need is to get the word out. Which isn't very easy, it seems. Yesterday I looked at over 390 book review websites and blogs specializing in children's books, checking their review policy to see if they might be a good fit for my book.  That's a lot of websites. When I found them all I was very very excited. But reality always has a way of eventually being too real. Out of that number, nearly 400 sites, I found only 29 I could even send a request to. Ouch! They certainly don't make it easy, do they.

A vast majority only deal with "established publishers and authors" which always translates into self-publishers need not apply. They have "relationships" with publishers and authors. If I think that means what it does, I am certain I can't afford it. Others were more direct and came out and said it.  Still others won't take ebooks. Many won't take review copies any more at all, preferring to find their books at the local library. Some were for teachers, by teachers, looking for good books for classroom use. (Ebooks need not apply, also.) A small percentage just weren't a good fit being for books about dolls, jewish heritage, World War II, math, knitting, or a host of other very defined topics.

I don't mean to sound bitter or depressed about it all. Far from it. That is just the way things are. I understand that these bloggers and web site hosts get flooded with requests every day and that they have to pick ones that interest themselves first. And once selected I have no guarantee they will even like it. That's the gamble, isn't it. So I will try those 29 and see if I get one or two or all of them interested.

Still it's only been one month since "Dr Zombie Lives Next Door" has been out there on the internets and available. And now it's on iTunes! The one great thing about ebooks is that they never get taken down off the shelf, they are are always available for purchase.

Man, this business side sure takes a lot time way from the actual writing. I need to be writing. Bye for now.

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