Friday, June 10, 2011

Out Of This World Exhibit at British Library in London

The British Library is currently having an exhibit on the history of science fiction literature and how it has enhanced scientific discovery. It is free and open until Sept 25. Oh how I wish I lived in London.

The blog for the exhibit is fascinating in itself. Every other day or so they post an interesting fact or topic. Did you know that the word "robot" is actually Czechoslovakian? Or that a political activist in Russia wrote a novel about a society on Mars after the failed Russian Revolution in 1905? On June 18 Funk Master George Clinton is giving a talk about his music and his vision. Awesome. I wish they'd do a catalog of the event.

Find more info here

And if you're looking for some good old USA science fiction, horror, and general fun writing, you can always check out my work to the left.

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