Saturday, June 25, 2011

Zombie warning in Kentucky

Hackers got into a highway sign in northern Kentucky and warned people "Lane Closures Nightly - Zombies Ahead". And it turns out this was big news that day.

Don't forget, if you need that zombie fix just click on the book covers to the right.

One last thing.
I now have a copy of the audiobook version of "Zombies Ain't Funny". It is the first time I have heard any of my stories read aloud by another person especially professionally. Okay, I can get past the fact he mispronounced my name (he said "bee-bo" and not "bye-bo") I'm used to that. I can still enjoy the fact that my work has branched out into another medium, sound.  He does a fine job too.

It's $3.99 for the audiobook. "Charlie Decker and the Last Zombie" by Bill "Bye-bo" Jr is number 4.

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