Monday, March 17, 2014

The Writing Place

"This.. is you."
Those words Laurie spoke when she walked into the finished room. For weeks she was wondering what I was doing in there. Now she knows. And she liked it.
It's the first time I had a space totally mine, from top to bottom.
It used to be Shaun's room but living in Minneapolis, now with his fiance Hannah (Yay, Hannah!), he's not going to need it anymore. It's mine now. [evil diabolical laughter]
Now how about a short tour.

 the entry, welcome to my world, don't be scared, I already am

 from the door, note the mirror I trimmed with little 1" tall monsters painted gold, above that is an autographed photo of The Supremes I got as a kid at The Heart of Illinois Fair in Peoria

 my desk, that's as clean as you'll ever see it, the cardboard tubes are my wire management system

 the shelves are made from spindles of a chair I found on the side of the street, the shelving boards are leftover discards that were being thrown out and given to me by my carpenter son-in-law Justin

 the crowning glory, my desks faces an entire wall covered with chalkboard paint, at the top is an inspirational quote "You have your dream office, now make your dreams live." by me to me.

Now excuse me, I have to get busy.

As always, thanks for reading me. Keep it up.

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