Monday, March 17, 2014

Ramses and Bernie vs Ninja Leprechauns!

Hello, everyone. I'm still at it. I know, it's been way too long. But all that changes now.
The second story in The Wrong Side of the Rainbow series, "Death Bites", is live and featured today in Showcase #17 at Originally slated for a part in the anthology Noir: High Crimes and Lowlifes the publisher pulled it to be featured in the Showcase today. I'll let him tell you why.
I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to release SHOWCASE #17 on March 17th, and I definitely could not let St. Patrick’s Day go by without publishing “Death Bites” by Bill Bibo, Jr.. If you’ve read “The Wrong Side of the Rainbow” in the October 2012 issue of Stupefying Stories you’ve already met Ramses and Bernie, the oddest odd couple buddy-cop pair on the entire MCSI squad. If you haven’t—well, picture this: ninja leprechauns.
And that’s all the warning you’re going to get.
I think he likes it.
And I hope you will too. If you did, please pass it on and tell your friends, heck, TELL THE WORLD!

Now the work on the novel continues.

If you missed episode One, you can find the October 2012 issue on sale at Amazon for Kindle at $1.99. Just click the cover.

Also available for the Barnes & Noble Nook and in the Apple iTunes Store.

As always thanks for reading me. And stay tuned it gets better from here on out.

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