Sunday, May 20, 2012

Success! "The Wrong Side of the Rainbow" accepted!

Many know the story so far. I originally wrote "The Wrong Side of the Rainbow", a detective story featuring Ramses II and Bernie Clayberg for an anthology that was to be published by The Library of Horror Press. Last year in a surprise move they decided to kill all of their anthologies and concentrate solely on novels. All rights were released back to the authors.

I was very disappointed at the time. I love these two characters. Ramses II, a centuries old pharaoh and self-made living god now mummy, and Bernie Clayberg, a golem made by a team of artisans and mystics. Together they solve mysteries for MCSI, Mythical Crime Scene Investigations. Theirs is a world were mythology sidesteps into ours, the two coexisting, mixing, and oft time clashing. Whenever there is a crime involving mythics, MCSI is called in.

The search for a new publisher began anew. Yesterday it ended. The wonderfully named Rampant Loon Press has happily accepted "The Wrong Side of the Rainbow" and it will appear in a future volume of the ongoing series anthology Stupefying Stories. Ramses and Bernie live!

And this may be just the beginning. When I thanked them and said I had planned a series of stories, perhaps a novel based on these characters, Bruce Bethke, editor of Stupefying Stories, said to send them his way.

I'll be sure to post when "The Wrong Side of the Rainbow" will appear, but in the meantime check out Stupefying Stories and show them some love. And as always, thanks for reading me.

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