Monday, August 17, 2015


Let's get right to it. The following was released by Mash Stories on Facebook on Saturday.

Mashers, the results are finally here! We are so excited to announce that the 1st place winner of the 7th Mash Stories Competition is...

"The Last Perfect Word" by Bill Bibo!!!

Bill has submitted to EVERY Mash Stories competition since its inception, so we’re extra pleased to call him our new winner smile emoticon

Second best is “Spin, Baby, Spin" by Georgene Smith Goodin

Third best is “Wichita" by David Antrobus

CONGRATULATIONS from all the MASH team and massive THANK YOU to all Mashers who participated and sent us their amazing stories! Our jury had to work really hard because your stories are getting better and better every term! Thank you all so much and keep MASHING!

And on Twitter they said:
We are very happy to announce the 1st place winner of the 7th MASH Competition - “The Last Perfect Word" by Bill Bibo !!!
Can you believe it? I actually won. I actually won! There were so many great stories in the not-so-short shortlist. I had already braced myself by thinking a Top Three finish would have been awesome. And it would have. But don't let anyone tell you differently, winning is so much more better. Gosh I write good. :-)

I have entered every competition at Mash Stories having been lucky to find them at the beginning about a year and a half ago. I don't even remember where I read about them. I have been so fortunate to be involved with them as they grow.

At this writing they haven't updated the webpage yet. Until then you can find my "winning" Story at the above link. Look to page 3.

This is so cool!

I'll give this a better try. Please be patient with me. But most importantly"

Thanks for reading me.

I won. Can you believe it? I know. It is amazing. Such success and good fortune. And good looking too!

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