Monday, April 13, 2015

One Mythical Afternoon

Greetings and salutary exclamations, kind readers.
I'm back and this time with a new story. Unfortunately I learned today that the following story did not make the cut at Mash Stories this quarter. Sigh. The words we needed to use this time were Criminal, Fashion, and Ankle in a story of no longer than 500 words.
I think I had something clever. But perhaps it works best as a comedy sketch and not as written word. As I wrote it I saw two women, a la Monty Python, meeting on the sidewalk, One just happened to be Thetis the mother of Achilles and the other Hecuba the mother of Paris who kills Achilles in the Trojan War. I heard them say every word. Perhaps I mentally filled in too much in my knowledge. It just didn't translate to the judges. Oh well. You move on.
No judges comments yet. I'll post those when I get them.

One Mythical Afternoon
by Bill Bibo Jr

It was a beautiful day for a Thursday. Apollo had set the sun high in the afternoon sky. Still it was unable to completely burn away the morning fog and a slight mist swam through the air. Thetis took a deep breath. Perfect, thought the sea goddess. After days of tasteless offerings and flavorless tributes she felt the need to get away. Why did no one ever think to bring her chocolate? So she bundled up her infant son, placed him in his carriage, and walked into town.

She paused at the display window for Toga Barn. A petrified slave wore the latest fashion, a gaudy knee length gown adorned with painted over-sized flowers. Thetis wondered what was more depressing, knowing the smallest movement by the slave would have her killed immediately or wondering what the guests at the next dinner party might wear.

"Yoohoo, Thetis!"

A woman ran towards her dragging a reluctant child across the street, dodging chariots from either direction. Gathering her face into the biggest smile she could manage Thetis said, "Hecuba, what a delight."

"Thetis, imagine running into to you here," Hecuba said.

"Yes, imagine that." Thetis scanned the street unable to find an escape route.

"I told Priam since he saddled me with nineteen kids, he could just get off his high horse occasionally and spend some quality time with them. I need a day off. Is this your son?"

"Yes, this is Achilles."

"My, he's a strong looking young man. Though it is shame, you being a goddess and all, forced into marrying a mortal. That has to be hard. Especially for your son. Is he mortal too?"

"Oh no, I took care of that."


"Yes, I had him dipped. In the River Styx. We held him by the ankle and dipped him seven times in the waters surrounding Hades. Now he is immortal and invincible in battle."

"Isn't that nice."

"Yes, isn't it."

"Now he can care for you in your old age."

Thetis ignored the insult and peered at the quiet child beside Hecuba clutching a toy bow. "What a beautiful little girl."



"He's a boy. His name is Paris."

"Like that Hilton girl?"

"Yes, but that's hundreds of years from now."

"Still he might even be prettier."

As they spoke Paris snatched a lollipop from Achilles' tiny hands.

"Paris, you little criminal," Hecuba said. "Give that back this minute. Don't make me tell your father."

Reluctantly Paris held the lollipop out to Achilles who had since fallen asleep.

"Why doesn't he just keep it," Thetis said.

"Then I must give Achilles something in exchange." Hecuba reached in her bag and removed a small wooden horse. "Here. It's the latest design from Troy."

"That's very kind.”

Yes, it is. I'd love to stay but I must be off. I have eighteen other children waiting."

Hecuba and Paris walked away. As Thetis placed the toy beside Achilles a small door in the underbelly of the horse swung open.


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