Saturday, May 25, 2013

Back in Action With Good News


I know, a lot of time has passed and a lot of things have happened, and not all for the good. But we don't need to go into all of that. I'm back and will attempt to keep this up and loaded on a regular basis. Life is crazy and I think I may be getting a little crazier. So let's go onto the good news.

+ "Pacific Rim" opens this summer. Have you seen the trailer yet? If not head over here: It looks fantastic. A great summer movie to keep me excited for the main event NEXT summer, the release of "Godzilla".

+ Have you ever wondered what happens after the giant monster has been defeated? My short story "Clean Up On Seventh Avenue" tells you exactly what happens. And soon you'll be able to read it all as part of a new anthology by Grinning Skull Press. More news to follow soon.

+ Do you need some fun summer reading? Some already has. I just received my first royalties deposit for my ebook, "Doctor Zombie Lives Next Door." Try it this weekend. Let's build up my retirement fund!

+ Bernie Clayberg, the golem detective in my Wrong Side of the Rainbow stories, now in Stupefying Stories, has his own twitter account. Follow him @BernieClayberg or #RamsesBernie. Their second adventure is soon to be published. You can also read their first adventure here:

That's it for today, kiddies. But stay tuned for more fun and insightful musings here on Bibo Madness.
Thanks for reading me.

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