Monday, August 13, 2012

"Agenda 22" wins at NECON Ebooks

Friday night my wife, Laurie, and I returned from a week in Door County, WI. We had a fantastic time hiking, kayaking, climbing to the top of a lighthouse, sailing, eating wonderful meals, and just relaxing. It was well timed break and we both returned feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and a bit overwhelmed right now.

In my inbox was a note from Matt Bechtel at NECON Ebooks. He wrote, "In the spirit of the Summer Olympics, welcome back to the medal stand!" My story "Agenda 22" was one of this month's winners.

The theme for July was Trending Now. I had just finished reading an article about recent Tea Party protests in certain southern states against any bill or law with the word "sustainable" in it. This latest conspiracy theory is gaining real steam. It cries doom and gloom over the UN's Agenda 21, a nonbinding set of proposals to make the world more green and "sustainable." These proposals were written in 1992 and supported by then President George Bush the First. Now as President Obama supports them these proposals are a threat to our freedom.

"It all starts with bike lanes. Next they take away our private property and make us live in penitentiary style housing."

Here's my  take (in the usual 100 words or less) on the real conspiracy. These stories will be up for the month of August.

As always, thanks for reading me.

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