Monday, April 9, 2012

Rocket Science is back!

Great News, Earthlings! The Rocket Science Wine Label Contest is back for another year of 80 word excellence. Just 80 words and if selected your story/commentary/description will live forever on the back of every bottle of their 2010 vintage Rocket Science Wine.

Let me tell you this is one great contest. Some of you may know I won this contest in 2009. My short short story was featured on their 2007 vintage. Here's my label.
My prize? A case of the best wine I've ever had. And every single one had my label on it. It became my first step in global and literary domination and my quest to become a drunken best selling author.

Later I found out that my wine (I do call it that even though I only wrote the back label) was served at the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation Awards at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Buzz Aldrin was one of the presenters. Buzz Aldrin may have read my label. Does that make me one degree from Buzz Aldrin? Or 1.5?

Caldwell Vineyard is an excellent vineyard. The people who run this contest are great. I have friends who have visited the vineyard in Napa Valley and they gave them the grand tour because they knew me. Some day I plan to get out there and see the operation for myself.

BUT FIRST! I am planning to be the first two time winner of the contest. So why am I telling you this? I have no idea. Guess I'm just a nice guy. Go ahead and enter. Just be warned, this puppy is mine. (So much for Mr. Nice Guy.)
The contest runs from today until May 7. My entry goes in today.

And don't forget to click on one of my sponsors. Every penny helps me to a new computer, one I don't have to turn on and then leave the room for an hour while it warms up. Right, violins would help with this sob story. Except the violin I picture is neon red, electric, and screaming the blues.


  1. Hi Bill,
    Just found your blog while searching for the Caldwell Vineyards Rocket Science contest. Any chance you know what's going on, since they changed the website? I can't find any info re: winners for 2009, or anything else for that matter... Just curious, cause my entry was pretty darn good this year.

    1. Pierre, sorry for the very long delay in replying but if you've checked at all then you see what Jacquie says below. I guess we didn't make it this year.
      This isn't the best run contest in the world but thank heavens they do pay attention to their wine making.
      Keep trying. I will.

  2. Hi, I thought I'd give you an update, since I do know what's going on! I won the 2012 Rocket Science back label contest (which will be on the 2010 vintage). The winery is updating their website, so I have been told, and it was supposed to be up and running by now. In the process of looking for my winning entry, I came across this inquiry. So keep checking - which is what I will be doing too!

    1. Jacquie, thanks for the info. I also just checked to day and they did have a form up to enter but no info beyond that. It's on the website under "Wines".
      And finally, CONGRATULATIONS! You are going to love your prize.

  3. Hmmm, and here's an update to the update! It seems there were 4 individual winners to the 2012 contest, for the back label on the 2010 vintage of Caldwell Rocket Science(I still need to check the Caldwell website). And apparently the contest is "on" in 2013 for the 2011 vintage bottling. I'm planning to enter - - and hope you are too! All in the name of good wine.