Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Guilty Pleasures - There's An App For That

On Monday my favorite reality show, my favorite guilty pleasure, began its 4th season. What am I talking about? Why of course it's Ru Paul's Drag Race!

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This is one amazing show. Not only is there sex, violence , and emotional backstabbing, but these contestants are some of the most creative people you've ever seen.

The opening show was called "Rupocalypse!" in which Ru Paul, Super Model to the World and the host and creative mentor, promised to take things up a notch this season and blow the roof off of the competition. And did she deliver. In this episode the contestants had to create a post-apocalyptic gown made only from the materials they could remove from past contestants all made up to look like zombies. Just a minute, let that one sink in a bit, we're talking about Zombie Drag Queens! (Laurie turned to me and say, "There ought to be a story or two in that." You know it!

Zombie Drag Queens. How could it get any better?

Yes, it did because the winner created one of the most startling and amazing outfits I have ever seen. It took the Drag Queen genre and turned it on its ear. This outfit was so different from anything the others tried. It was frighteningly wonderful. Elvira, one of the night's guest judges, adored it and said as only Elvira can, "It was something to die for."

New episodes are on LOGO every Monday night. Past clips, and full episodes can be seen at

Also there's a free app for your iPhone with news, photos, clips, and links to Twitter accounts for all the contestants.

Also also there is even a Drag Race fantasy league contest where you can win "great" prizes. I'm drafting my team later tonight.

Watch this show. Seriously Well, not so seriously, but you won't be disappointed.  
Did I mention Zombie Drag Queens!?


UPDATE 9:19 PM 2/1/12

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