Wednesday, February 29, 2012

CATCH it! Today!

Today I want to take a few moments of your time to plug a most excellent program run by Laurie Bibo through the Madison Senior Center. It's called CATCH Healthy Habits and it trains volunteers aged 50+ working with children in grades K-5 to learn about the benefits and fun of good nutrition and exercise.

(In the spirit of full disclosure I must tell you that Laurie is the most awesome person in the world and has been kind enough to be my lovely wife for near 35 years. Yes, I'm biased but you really should check this program out.)

Watch this news report from NBC15 in Madison, WI, featuring (yes, you probably guessed) Laurie Bibo!

"CATCH Healthy Habits: Sign up today!
Kids need more exercise. You want more fun!
Are you looking for a lively, social way to improve our community while contributing to the well-being of our children? Only one hour per week with CATCH Healthy Habits will make a difference! Join this intergenerational program that pairs teams of adults 50+ with groups of children, K-5th grade, to encourage healthy eating and physical activity...
Sign up now for this exciting program! Call the Madison Senior Center at 266-6581 to schedule your training, adding your name to our growing list of volunteers. For more information, visit, or contact Laurie Bibo, CATCH Healthy Habits Coordinator at; (608) 267-8673.
Bring a friend!"
 politely borrowed from the February 2012 issue of The Messenger, the Madison Senior Center's newsletter

Please help spread the word about this great, awesomely fantastical program. (Hey, I'm a writer. I can use lots of big words.) Tell your family, tell your friends, post it, tweet it, put it on Facebook, or better yet, volunteer yourself. You'll love it.

PS Here's the link to the video so you can share it too!

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