Monday, February 6, 2012

Are Things Heating Up?

Today I joined a new website for writers wanting to connect with agents and publishers. It's called Inkubate and the idea behind it is quite unique.

It’s better here.

We’re working hard to create a place writers will love. We want you to be as excited as we are, because we believe you’re looking at the future of publishing.
Inkubate is the only site designed specifically to show your work to the people who can put you in print: publishers and agents.
This may be just our first launch, but we have big plans. In a few months, publishers and agents will view the library of profiles and works you’ve built. The more you add, the more attractive you—and we—become.
We’ve been working with publishers and agents to build the features that will help them find great work like yours. So we invite you to post some work. It costs you nothing, and it could put you in the perfect place to be seen, read, appreciated and discovered.
Help us by uploading your work and following us on the blog, on Facebook, and Twitter…and contact us to let us know what you think!
We’re out to make the business of writing fun again.
Sounds good to me. So what's it about?

The idea here is that publishers and agents see a section of your work and then if they like it, they post a bid to be able to negotiate with you. Intriguing, right? I saw this first written up in the New York Times and HuffingtonPost. I was interested then. I had "Hamburger Madness", my second novel for middle grade readers, complete but not ready. I updated the draft and now it's done. Let's see if we get a nibble.

Fingers crossed.

UPDATE 2/11/11:
I have 5 invites to Inkubate  that I can pass on. If you are a writer and wish to join, leave a comment or send me an email.

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