Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's time for the BIG guns!

 Lio comic strip by Mark Tatulli

A new year is traditionally a time for new beginnings. Which actually is good for me right now. To paraphrase Mark Twain "The rumors of my success have been greatly exaggerated."

It's been a hell of a year for the publishing industry. Hardest hit are the small publishers. These are people all over the country that attempt to publish anthologies or novels because they love good writing and they want to give new writers a chance. One of the best feelings is being the first and discovering that new talent, that unique story, that chilling voice.But small publishers are dropping every day.

Three of my stories, "Wrong Side of the Rainbow", "Death Bites", and "Clean Up on Seventh Avenue" were all accepted only to be later let go due to cancellation of the anthologies they were scheduled to appear in. All were to be published by The Twisted Library Press who at the end of last year cancelled all their short story anthologies.

"Clean Up..." got a momentary reprieve from Pill Hill Press who initially wanted to pick this project up and publish the anthology it was to appear in. Yesterday I received word that they too were now closing the anthology.

Two other publishers at which I had stories under consideration are belly up. I learned this today.

So it was official. As of noon today I had no stories waiting to be published or even under consideration. Not a good thing. Heinlein once said that publishers don't buy what they can't see.

But it is a new year. And I expect it to be busy.
  • Just before writing this post I sent a story off to a new publisher. My fingers are crossed.
  • In a little more than a week I'll be cashing in a Groupon for a "Handgun Experience". 45 minutes on a gun range. I'm actually excited about this. I've even held a real gun before, and obviously never shot one. I figure it will hold barrels of knowledge for me that I can use in my stories.
  • Our grandson, Nolan, will be a year old in a month. Once he stops eating the books we'll be devouring them properly. And with all the dignity a giant robot can provide.
  • I plan to pick up the pace on my writing. I am my only excuse. No one is pushing me to write. So i have to push myself.
  • And I plan on making a bit of money which will go to  a new laptop. Over the holidays I received a check from Google Adsense for this blog. It was more than all my writing made in the past year. (Which isn't exact;y a fair comparison as many of the publishers killed the projects I was scheduled to be in.)
2012 is a new. Let's stop the whimpering, regroup, and then kick some authoring butt!

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