Saturday, November 19, 2011

It's a Not-so-Black Not-so-Friday Sale!

Greetings, Earthlings.

Step right up. Don't be afraid. Plenty of room at the front.

In the spirit of the holidaze I have decided to enter into the consumer buying frenzy with an amazing offer for my hilarious ebook "Dr Zombie Lives Next Door." It's filled with laughs, some scary moments, and fun for the whole family! And now you can have all that and more all for the unbelievable price of $0.99!

Can you believe your good fortune?!! I can't either.

But wait, Bill, you say. Why are you doing this?

I hear you, even from up here in the mother ship.We're doing it because we care. In a media filled world of rehashed ideas (did you know they are making a Broadway musical based on the 90s Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore movie Ghost? yes, a musical) we wanted to make sure you got your hands on some quality reading material.

Many of you will be giving or getting iPads or Kindles or Nooks or other ereaders for Xmas this year. You'll want to fill up that memory with all sorts of great readiing material that you'll never ever get to. Why not make one of those ebooks "Dr Zombie Lives Next Door." You won't be sorry and I won't be either.

Now can I have your attention? Let's be serious for a minute and face the cold hard facts. Not enough of you good people are reading "Dr Zombie Lives Next Door." I'm still working my day job!  

(Actually I'm quite thankful I am working my wonderful day job especially if anyone from the firm is reading this. That earlier sentence is what we in the business call a "sales pitch" It doesn't really mean anything, honest. Excuse me, I have to get back to it. They're waiting.)

Now for only $0.99, the price of an iPhone app that tells you when the tangerines are ripe in Argentina you can be entertained in the here and now. That's quite a bargain if you ask me.

So head right on over now. I've got a copy waiting for you.

(PS Right now the price at is still $1.99 but they'll lower it as soon as a few people buy it at It's that price matching thing they do. Or you can head over right now and give my vacation fund with a little extra boost.)

Happy Holidaze, Everyone!

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