Monday, July 11, 2011

NADWCon 2011 was great!

My son Shaun and I had a wonderful time at the North American Discworld Convention and it was, on the penalty of being trite, truly wonder filled. The talks with Sir Terry Pratchett were fascinating, inspirational, and very very funny. You could listen to him speak all afternoon and we did enjoying every minute.

The last panel was originally a conversation with Sir Terry but that was switched to Saturday with the talk about his Good Omens book which he had written with Neil Gaiman. Rumors were buzzing around about a "special guest" for Sunday's talk and people were in line to get in very early, Shaun and I among them, for the best seats. Could it be...? Would it be..?

It was. The time came and in walked Sir Terry along with Neil Gaiman. I may never forget the look on Shaun's face. Here in the same room, barely 20 feet in front of us, were his two favorite authors in the world. And it was everything it could have been.

The above picture is Neil presenting Sir Terry with the Andre Norton 2010 winner's trophy for best children's literature.

Thank you, Sir Terry and all honored guests. Thank you NADWCon! and Thank you, Shaun, for telling me I had to go with you. It was a very special weekend, one I will long remember.

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