Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm on Amazon!

Today "Dr Zombie Lives Next Door" went live on Amazon.com in their Kindle Store. I guess this makes it official.I am published in the world's largest bookstore. I am open, exposed to the world. Will they like my story? Will they like me?

I started the day ranked #129,886, a sobering but realistic number. As the day progressed I saw (yes, I checked numerous times - it is my first day on Amazon, remember) my ranking drop. At 5:00 pm I was #141,185. Now that's really sobering, which can be said is still a good things as I was at work.

Now all I need to do is get the word out that "Dr Zombie Lives Next Door" is available. So help me move up to a 5-digit ranking! What can you do to help a starving young (only in his mind) artist? TELL EVERYONE!  Better yet, read it, then TELL EVERYONE!

Here's the Amazon link.
Don't forget. If you go to Smashwords.com, you can purchase the ebook for .99 until 7/27 by using the coupon code JD92M.
And if you agree to write a review, you can have it for free.

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